Massive T-Mobile data breach could have affected over 100 million people


If you’re a T-Mobile customer or used to be a T-Mobile customer, you might want to take note because according to a report from Motherboard, it seems that the carrier has recently suffered from a massive data breach. This is according to a post made on a forum in which the poster claims to be sitting on a database of user information from T-Mobile.

According to Motherboard’s report, in which they have seen samples of the database, this includes data such as social security numbers, phone numbers, name, physical addresses, IMEI numbers, and driver license information.

The hacker who is holding the information is said to be willing to sell it for 6 bitcoin, which is worth around $270,000. It’s not surprising that they’ve chosen bitcoin as it makes it rather hard to trace, which is one of the cryptocurrency’s advantages (or disadvantages, depending on which side you’re on).

That being said, the seller did allude to the possibility that T-Mobile has discovered the breach and has since kicked them out of their servers. The company hasn’t acknowledged if the hack has happened or if the database is legit, but they did issue a statement to Motherboard that reads:

“We are aware of claims made in an underground forum and have been actively investigating their validity. We do not have any additional information to share at this time.”

Source: Motherboard

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