Chrome could soon get a handwriting-to-text feature


The virtual keyboards on our phones and tablets are far from ideal. They’re fine for sending short messages, but typing out long responses can be quite tedious. The good news is that if you use Chrome, you won’t have to and can instead opt to use a stylus to enter handwriting and have it automatically convert to text.

This is according to a tweet by’s Mishaal Rahman where he shared a discovery by user @_dinsan in which it appears that Samsung and Google are working together to bring handwriting-to-text recognition in Chrome for Android 13. What this means is that if you ever needed to type out something long and would rather just write it by hand, you can grab a stylus and write it out and have Chrome convert it into digital text for you.

As noted by Android Police, Samsung users who own a device that supports the S Pen and are taking part in the Android 13 beta can actually take advantage of this feature right now. It’s actually a pretty cool feature if it were to be released to the masses, especially for tablet users who might already have a stylus and are looking for alternative ways of inputting text.

It’s also actually very interesting to see how much Samsung and Google are working together these days. Both companies had previously worked together on revamping Wear OS, and now it looks like Samsung is further integrating themselves in Android.

Source: Android Police

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