Top 3 Classic Tower Defense Games of Android and iOS


Tower Defense games are possibly the most addictive games you can install on your smartphone or tablet. While the concepts of these games are always pretty simple, they range in style, design, gameplay, and mechanics — giving you something completely unique with each title. There’s a good chance that you’ve played a few tower defense games over the years, but if you’re looking for the best-of-the-best in the category, check out our favorites below.

Plants vs. Zombies 

Plants vs. Zombies is a one-player, cartoon-style, tower defense mobile game for Android and iOS that allows you to protect your home and a variety of other maps from a hoard of undead zombies.

This game allows you to place a significant variety of plants such as sunflowers, potatoes, and cherries onto a map on which they battle a mass of zombie hoards. The goal of the game is to eliminate all these intruders before they reach the end of the map. With almost a whopping 30 distinct types of zombies, including cone-headed zombies, snorkeling zombies, and pole vaulting zombies, each is just as eager to get into your home at all costs. 

Take caution, because they will eat your plants, jump, and even swim through your combat-filled garden. The longer you last in each round, the more powerups you receive, making the mapped security even tougher for the undead hoards to breach your home. 

This game is fun to play when not longing for a complex game. It is simple, with a very basic concept that takes only minutes to learn, maybe an hour or two to master the perfect strategy to defeat the zombies, but is great to have a laugh every now and then. It’s a great game to kick back and relax when you have a few extra minutes to spare, not something you’ll need to spend hours on at a time. 

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Frontiers is a great classic tower defense game. One reason this game was such a great hit and is still downloaded on over 1 million devices, was because of its creative fantasy characters. In this game, there are a variety of towers and defense buildings including Archers, Soldiers, Bombers, and Magicians, all with a creative twist added to the persona. 

This game is amazing, building creatively designed buildings and towers, each ready to destroy the appearing hoard of goblins, masked archers, and teleporting lizards. This world is filled with evil beings, all ready to destroy your creative and perfectly prepared world. With each map tougher than the other, and nerving amounts of creatures on the loose in your fantasy world, are you ready and up to the challenge to defeat these entities. Or will you perish, all your lives used up?

Upgrade your main character, and choose between different tower enhancements, creating a flawless, strategized map to defeat the enemy. Although fun and challenging, Frontiers takes a long time to master, constantly halting your army on difficult levels, as if daring you to keep going. Are you up to the challenge?

Radiant Defense

There’s a mob of aliens swarming out of their universe into yours! Before they breach the portal to your home, set up an army through a variety of lazers, spray your enemies with gas bombs and smash them to pieces with blinding light beams. To save the portal, design your own map, add upgrades and fight to keep earth safe. 

With bright neon colors and unique character design, this game gives a real futuristic cartoon feel to the tower defense game genre.  Radiant Defense is a  fun game for people of all ages to enjoy and is a perfect game for just a few minutes to lean back and relax. It can be challenging at times but makes you feel up to the challenge. 

Kill the aliens in style with the nine upgradable weapons available to you, along with 300 different waves of otherworldly creatures, in more than 15 locations across the galaxy. Fight to defend your home and help protect the human race. 

Whether it’s the funny talk of the king aliens or the look of the little squishy, big-eyed monsters rolling through the paths you’ve created, this game gives you many laughs and is very fun to play. 

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