Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could feature a 3-day battery life


Samsung will be officially unveiling their new flagship smartphones on the 10th of August. In addition to Samsung’s new foldables, we have also been hearing rumors that Samsung is working on new smartwatches, and one of those models is the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is rumored to be a more premium version of the Galaxy Watch 5.

Now according to a tweet by Ice Universe, they have revealed one potential feature of the upcoming watch – its battery life. Assuming the tweet is accurate, it seems that the Pro model could sport battery life that could see the smartwatch last for up to 3 days. It should be noted that 3 days is actually still kind of short, especially when there are other smartwatches that can go for as long as 14 days.

We did hear rumors that Samsung will be improving the overall battery life of its smartwatches, so while 3 days is still relatively short compared to some of the competition, we suppose it’s still better than the current models. Also, one of the upsides to the Galaxy Watch series is that it will probably get more timely updates than the others, thanks to Samsung working with Google on the latest version of Wear OS.

That being said, it is unclear if Samsung will announce the new smartwatch alongside its foldables. The company did not seem to mention anything about new wearables in its teaser, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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