Samsung to officially launch its 3nm chips on July 25


There are many things that can make chips more powerful. More cores would be one of them, but also the manufacturing process they are built on. Back in June, Samsung announced that they had kicked off production on chips built on the 3nm process, and now a report from Business Korea has revealed that the company is planning a launch ceremony on the 25th of July.

Right now, TSMC is more or less in the lead when it comes to chipset manufacturing, with many companies like Apple and Qualcomm choosing TSMC’s foundries to help manufacture their chipsets, but now it looks like Samsung is hoping to catch up where they expect to begin the manufacturing of its second-gen 3nm chipsets in 2023, and eventually move to the 2nm process in 2025.

For those wondering why this matters, it is because the size of the chipsets are just as important as the number of cores, maybe more so. Smaller chips means that distance between the transistors are shorter, which in turn allows information to be passed through them quicker.

This in turn not only makes the chipsets faster, but more energy-efficient, which can also help offset any newer and more energy-intensive features companies might introduce in their products. That being said, we probably shouldn’t get too excited just yet for 2023’s smartphones. The report claims that the first Samsung customer to receive these new chips are a Chinese cryptocurrency miner, and as these chipsets are reportedly produced in Hwaseong and not Pyeongtaek, it suggests that it is a relatively small production.

Source: SamMobile

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