Jul 21st, 2022

One of the features of the Motorola Razr is that it has a small display on the outside. This is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series where the outer display can be used to display notifications without having to open up the phone.

Now, a leak back in May suggested that Motorola could be thinking of upgrading the outer display of the 2022 Razr and making it bigger. In a post on Weibo, those rumors appear to have been confirmed as they were posted by Lenovo Mobile China’s GM, Chen Jin, where he showed off the phone’s outer display as being big enough to play (some) games on.

While you probably won’t be playing any modern games on it, the video shows how the display is big enough to accommodate simple games like a dice game, which is actually pretty cool and we imagine it should open up the door to more possibilities. Note that the Razr 2022 was actually unveiled last week when it was showed off on stage.

There has not been any official announcement regarding the phone just yet, but with all these teasers, we imagine that the official launch shouldn’t be too far behind. The video also shows off the dual cameras on the phone, which according to the rumors should be a 50MP + 13MP combo, but we’ll have to wait for Lenovo/Motorola’s announcement before we know all the details.

Source: GSMArena

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