Google Wallet is now available globally


Back at Google I/O 2022, Google announced Google Wallet. Now it looks like Google Wallet is live and available to download in 39 different countries, but it should be noted that depending on where you live, how Google Wallet functions and some of its features might be different.

For those unfamiliar, Google Wallet is Google’s way of streamlining Google Pay and loyalty cards and payment cards together. While Google Pay is mostly seen as a payments platform, Google Wallet will be able to house things like train passes, loyalty cards, and even your COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

The idea is that this will make it easier for users to access all their digital cards from one app, instead of having to pull up different apps for different cards. It can even be used to house digital keys to compatible car models, which means that you’ll have to bring one less item out with you.

But like we said earlier, depending on where you live, this might be a bit different for you. For example, in some markets, Google Pay will actually become Google Wallet via an automatic update, but in some countries like the US and Singapore, Google Wallet will actually exist as a separate downloadable app that will exist with Google Pay.

It is a bit confusing, but if you live in those markets with the automatic update, don’t freak out when Google Pay suddenly becomes Google Wallet.

Source: Mashable

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