Upcoming Samsung Galaxy A smartphones could ditch the depth sensor


Samsung is expected to announce new Galaxy A smartphones later this year. The Galaxy A series of phones is Samsung’s attempt at creating mid-range handsets, and for the most part, they have done pretty well as they offer up pretty decent specs at a relatively affordable price point.

Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung is looking to cut costs which could result in one of the camera sensors being removed. This is according to a report from Korean publication The Elec where they claim that for the upcoming Galaxy A24, Galaxy A34, and the Galaxy A54, Samsung could ditch the depth sensor from the phones.

All the phones, assuming they kept to the same concept and design as their predecessors, would have featured a quad camera setup. It would have consisted of a primary shooter, an ultrawide shooter, a macro shooter, and a depth sensor which would have been used to help with focusing, better foreground and background separation, and so on.

The report claims that Samsung is removing the depth sensor as a way to save money. For those worried about how this might affect the overall experience, given that not all phones feature depth sensors, it is possible that Samsung could try to make up for it using software, which is fine, but we’ll have to wait for the phones to be released and test them out to get a better idea and see if any of these alleged changes are that noticeable.

Source: Android Authority

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