Motorola just showed off the upcoming Moto Razr 2022


For a while now, we have been hearing that Motorola is apparently working on a new Razr foldable smartphone. Now during a presentation over in China, Lenovo Mobile China GM Chen Jin actually took out the phone on stage and showed it off to the crowd, giving us our first official look at the handset.

Unfortunately the images make it a bit hard to tell how the phone actually looks like, but from what we can tell, some of the changes Motorola is making to the design of the phone include more rounded edges and also a less conspicuous chin. This is actually something we’ve heard about before and seen before thanks to an earlier leak, but now it looks like it might have been confirmed.

Lenovo actually stopped short of mentioning when the handset will be launched, but seeing as the phone has been officially revealed on stage, we imagine that an official announcement and launch won’t be too far behind.

As for its specs, the rumors are claiming that we could see a 6.7-inch POLED foldable display on the inside with a 120Hz refresh rate, and under the hood, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 can be found. We’ve also heard the rumors that the phone could cost €1,149, making it cheaper than its predecessor.

Either way, we can’t wait for the official announcement, so stay tuned for more updates which hopefully won’t be too far off.

Source: 91mobiles

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