Motorola is working on another RAZR, but it’s likely to hit China first


It’s been two years since the modern Motorola RAZR was introduced, and since then, we haven’t heard much from Motorola in terms of a true successor. The company released a slightly-upgraded version back in October of 2020, bringing 5G to the flip phone. Unfortunately, the company opted to skip releasing another rendition in 2021, but all hope isn’t lost.

According to a post on Weibo from Lenovo executive Chen Jin (via Android Authority), Motorola is working on the third-generation Moto RAZR. As expected, the post doesn’t reveal any specifics in regards to what this new phone would look like. Instead, Jin states that it will be more powerful, offer a better interface, and will first be made available in China.

Considering that Samsung has the flip phone market cornered as of right now, it comes as no surprise that Motorola is taking its time with the RAZR. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was so impressive that it forced TCL to postpone the launch of its first foldable smartphone altogether. Perhaps Motorola was planning on releasing another variant this year, but decided to go back to the drawing board.

What really helps the RAZR stand apart from the Flip 3 is the Cover Screen. Instead of having an outer display that pretty much only shows the time and notifications, the RAZR is a bit different. On the RAZR 5G, Motorola uses a 2.7-inch display that is capable of actually using apps on, making it much easier to respond to notifications or check something off of your to-do list without actually opening the phone.

Motorola’s biggest problem is that outside of the form factor, the rest of the phone doesn’t really hit the mark. If you were to pick up a RAZR 5G today, you would have to endure subpar performance, along with cameras that are worse than what are available in the Z Flip 3. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see that Motorola hasn’t given up on the RAZR entirely, and now we have to just sit back and wait to see what’s to come.


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