Xiaomi 12T Pro could feature a 200MP camera


Just the other day, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi 12S Ultra which is the world’s first smartphone to utilize Sony’s brand new IMX989 1-inch camera sensor. Now it looks like the company is gearing up to bag another potential world’s first with the rumored Xiaomi 12T Pro.

According to a video uploaded to YouTube by a channel calling themselves “The Pixel” (via @chunvn8888), they claim that Xiaomi has another phone in the works called the Xiaomi 12T Pro that could be one of the first smartphones to utilize a 200MP camera sensor made by Samsung.

It has been suggested that Xiaomi and Motorola could use the sensor in their phones, but who will be first remains to be seen. A Motorola device leaked earlier this year already revealed a phone with a 200MP camera, so it is possible Motorola could beat Xiaomi to the punch.

Samsung unveiled a 200MP sensor back in 2021, but the company followed up with another model just last month. Despite it being made by Samsung, the rumors suggested that the company would not be using it themselves, at least not yet, and that it might not debut with the Galaxy S23 next year, meaning that Xiaomi could be one of the companies to take a crack at it.

As we’ve said many times, more megapixels does not mean it will be a better camera. Larger sensors like the Sony IMX989 would be better because larger sensors allow more light in, meaning more details can be captured, along with better background and foreground separation, plus it would also benefit photos taken in low-light.

Samsung is trying to make up for it by introducing pixel binning which is the process of combining groups of pixels to form larger ones, helping with photos taken when lighting conditions aren’t ideal. It remains to be seen how this sensor will perform in the real world since other factors like camera lens, aperture, and software all play a role in determining the final image.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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