Jun 29th, 2022

When it comes to cameras, sensor size matters. This is because the larger the sensor is, the more light it can capture, resulting in higher quality photos. We’d go as far as saying that sensor size probably matters more than megapixel count in terms of the quality of an image.

Unfortunately due to the size of our smartphones, the sensors in them are pretty small, but that is set to change. Sony has recently debuted its latest smartphone camera sensor, the IMX989, which is the first true 1-inch sensor designed with smartphones in mind. Prior to this, the company used 1-inch sensors, but those are cropped versions of sensors found in Sony’s cameras.

With the IMX989, it is the first 1-inch sensor that the company has created specifically with smartphones in mind, and it is expected to debut in the upcoming Xiaomi 12S series of smartphones. The sensor will also feature a 50M resolution with a native Pixel size of around 1.5µm.

Sony’s debut of their new sensor also beats its rivals to the punch, namely Samsung, who has also been responsible for quite a number of smartphone cameras in the market today. Of course, on paper it sounds like Sony’s sensor is “better”, but we’ll have to wait for the launch of the new Xiaomi phones to see how well the new sensors will be able to perform.

Source: SamMobile

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