Starbucks and Samsung collaborate on Galaxy cases

Image Source : Starbucks Korea

Samsung are back at it again with their weird and wonderful collaborations. The brand is releasing a line with unique Starbucks cases for both the Samsung S22 and Galaxy Buds.

Image Source : Starbucks Korea

This is a collection directly for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series cases. For instance, the regular Galaxy S22 comes with a bright green case that features the Starbucks logo only on rear. However, the Plus model has a casing that is a deeper shade of green and says, “Count stars in your Galaxy,” which is a reference to Starbucks’ loyalty program. Last but not least, the Ultra version will include straps in two different styles, one of which is modeled after a Starbucks receipt.

Image Source: Starbucks Korea

A simplistic deep green case with the Starbucks logo up top is available for the Galaxy Buds. There’s already a mug-shaped case with latte art that will cover the majority of Samsung’s wireless in ears.

Image Source: Starbucks Korea

The partnership brings back memories of Samsung’s recent Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition, which debuted in April and had a fantastic Pokéball-shaped grip and Pokédex phone holder (which I drooled over a lot). Alas,  it looks like South Korea is the only country where you can buy any of these stylish Starbucks cases, much like with the other partnerships that has recently been launched.

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