Meta bring down the hammer on fake customer reviews on Facebook


To start taking action against people and companies abusing its review system, Meta is changing its Community Feedback Policy. Facebook will now enforce tougher  guidelines for what is permitted in Feedback submissions. It appears that several users and companies abused the Community Feedback mechanism to deceive customers or manipulate reviews. Meta seeks to maintain the highest level of objectivity while (hopefully) ensuring that users have a nice Facebook experience.

Facebook used to combat fake reviews before this upgrade, but now the Terms and Policies page explicitly states it (opens in new tab). It seems apparent and has taken a while, but it’s certainly better than never to enforce honesty and openness on the biggest social networking platform in the world.

The “Ratings & Reviews” and “Questions & Answers” sections in Facebook Shops are two of the five new improvements in the policy update.

Only users in the US will be impacted, as it only shows on the American version of Shops. We’ve yet to hear if Meta will share more details in the future regarding other nations.

These modifications, according to Meta, are intended to ensure that its platform stays a secure environment. In order for consumers to make wise decisions, it wants Community Feedback to continue to maintain a certain level of authenticity and integrity. Businesses should be aware that under the new regulations, they will be safeguarded from abuse or bogus claims.

The corporation is urging the general public to report any breaches they come across. The report will subsequently be looked into by Meta. Facebook may ban you for persistent violations of this policy in addition to removing your Feedback review. Businesses who are discovered to be breaking the regulations risk losing access to features like product tags and listings.

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