Apr 4th, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that they will be trying out a new payments system in the Play Store where developers could potentially allow customers to make payments using third-party platforms. This meant that developers would not have to rely on Google for payments and could potentially bypass the 30% cut Google takes.

But it also seems that starting this week, a different Play Store policy change has come into effect which gives developers the short end of the stick. This update will basically no longer allow developers to add links or have sections within the app that directs users to the developer’s own website to make subscriptions.

This policy was actually announced way back in September 2020 and Google initially gave developers a year to make these changes, but they later extended it to the 31st of March, 2022. This policy might seem counterintuitive to the recent partnership Google announced with Spotify, but it actually kind of works together.

This means that developers aren’t allowed to advertise methods that could bypass Google completely, but in the future, assuming the test with Spotify goes well, they could implement and choose their own third-party payment service, but a cut will still go towards Google all the same.

According to this Google support document, Google will take a reduced cut of 4% from transactions, meaning that if they were taking a 30% cut before, they will now only take 26%.

Source: TheNextWeb

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