Diablo Immortal has earned $24 million since its release


Diablo Immortal was released on the 2nd of June, which means that it has been a little over two weeks since the free-to-play title was available. It turns out that Blizzard’s decision to adopt the free-to-play model was proven successful because according to the data from Appmagic, the game has managed to earn $24 million since its release.

It has also been reported that the game has been downloaded over 8.5 million times since its release. Now, Diablo Immortal has courted a lot of controversy ever since it was first announced. This controversy has followed it after its release when players quickly discovered the various methods of monetization that the game has adopted.

There are so many different in-game currencies with different methods of earning them, and with some items only available by paying real-life money. Some of the prices are also kind of absurd and there are tons of YouTube videos showing that even players who spend thousands aren’t necessarily guaranteed to get the best loot.

Despite the controversy, $24 million in about 2.5 weeks is no mean feat, but the bigger question is whether or not the game will be able to sustain itself or if players will eventually realize that they are better off not paying. The game is currently only available in select markets and is not available in others due to loot box regulations.

Source: GameDevReports

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