Jun 17th, 2022

The problem with smart home devices is that everyone wants in on the action and wants to dominate the market, so much so that customers will need to cherry pick products to get the most compatibility, sometimes making compromises in the process.

But as some of you know, many major companies like Apple and Google are joining the Matter alliance to create devices that are compatible across the board. So much so that Google has since announced that for users of the Nest Hub Max, they will be losing some features as the company prepares to introduce Matter support.

According to Google, this will affect devices that might use the Nest Hub Max, like the Nest x Yale and Nest Detect:

“This update will impact connectivity for a small number of Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect open/close sensor users that use a Nest Hub Max as the sole method to connect their lock to Wi-Fi, or as a range extender for either their lock or sensors.”

As Google notes, this will only have an impact on a small number of users. This is because not everyone who owns the Nest Hub Max uses it as a bridge to connect other devices to. If you use the Nest Hub Max primarily as a smart display to watch videos and see who’s at the door, then these changes won’t affect you.

The company says that this update is expected to be pushed out in July and once that happens, users who own the Nest x Yale lock will need to use the keypad for entry instead of the Nest app. Google also says that they will be reaching out to affected customers soon and help them redeem a Nest Connect worth $69 for free for any inconvenience caused.

Source: Google

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