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Zoom is killing its Chrome OS app in favor of PWA


If you’re using Chrome OS and you are also using the Zoom application, then you might want to take note because the company has announced that after August 2022, the Zoom app for Chrome OS will no longer be supported.

Don’t worry though. If you were concerned that Zoom is killing support for Chrome OS, they aren’t. Instead, in a notice that Zoom started to show users, they are instead moving support for Chrome OS over to Chrome PWA, meaning that if you want to use Zoom on Chrome OS, you’ll have to access it via the web app.

“This app will no longer be officially supported after August 2022. Please use the new Zoom for Chrome PWA to join meetings on ChromeOS.”

Also, another reason for the shut down of the app is because while Zoom might have gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic, the app for Chrome OS has actually been around for a while. It was built using older technology and designed to be a more “traditional” Chrome app.

In any case, a web app isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For the most part, web apps these days are quite comprehensive and feature rich and for some, on par with their desktop equivalents. So if you are still using the old Zoom app, maybe it might be time to start trying out the web app to make the transition easier.

Source: 9to5Google

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