May 24th, 2022

Yesterday, we reported that LG phone owners on T-Mobile’s network were experiencing a weird issue where they were getting an “IMS” error message. At the rate the error message keeps popping up, it basically made LG phones unusable as it kept interrupting whatever the user was doing.

This was dangerous as it meant that users were not able to make calls or do anything with their phones. The good news is that according to an updated report from The T-Mo Report, it appears that T-Mobile has since issued a fix for the device. The report claims that based on their source, all customers need to do is reboot their handsets and the fix should be applied.

Those who aren’t aware that the fix is available and aren’t planning on rebooting their phones don’t have to worry. It seems that those who do not reboot their phones will also still receive the fix over the next 24 hours. The issue seems to have come from T-Mobile’s end, not LG’s end, and the change that T-Mobile made to their systems did not sit well with LG devices, which is why only LG handsets were affected.

It is also why the bug was not discovered until the changes were made and had gone live. Either way, it’s good to see that the problem was resolved in a relatively short amount of time, so if you’re an LG user on T-Mobile’s network, you might want to consider rebooting your device ASAP.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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