May 23rd, 2022

When you buy a smartphone, at the very basic you expect to be able to make calls and send text messages. Unfortunately for LG owners who are T-Mobile’s network, it appears that they have been hit with a very weird but severe bug where they are greeted by a persistent message that reads, “Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped”.

According to posts on Reddit, closing the message does nothing and that closing it only means that it will just pop up again later. For those unfamiliar, IMS stands for “IP Multimedia and voice Service” that essentially handles the voice and data on modern systems. This is what allows voice calls to be made over LTE.

With this error message popping up constantly, it has rendered LG devices on T-Mobile’s network almost unusable. This can be dangerous because it means that calls cannot be placed (presumably even emergency ones), and with the message in the way, users won’t be able to use their handsets in any meaningful way.

Some somewhat good news is that there might be a possible workaround. A post on Reddit has outlined a potential solution to the problem, but it feels more like a band-aid rather than a permanent fix. We’re not sure what caused this issue in the first place, but users are not recommended to factory reset their devices because that won’t solve the issue as it appears to be an incorrect update either to the IMS platform or on LG’s backend.

T-Mobile has stated on Twitter that they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it, so until then, LG users can try the workaround on Reddit or just wait for T-Mobile/LG to issue a fix.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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