May 24th, 2022

User profiles aren’t exactly a new thing or particularly exciting. For those with Netflix accounts, user profiles basically help users keep their watched shows separate from each other, meaning that each profile has its own recommendations and so on.

For some reason, Google has not included profiles with Google TV since the first day it launched, but we have some good news. Those of you who are using Google TV, it appears that Google is now pushing out an update that will enable individual user profiles on its Google TV platform.

This means that if you have multiple family members at home using Google TV, each person can create their own profile and thus keep all their watched shows and recommendations separate from other users, making it easier for users to find shows to watch and to pick up where they left off.

Google actually announced the profiles feature back in 2021 and stated that it was expected to arrive in November or December of last year, but for whatever reason it was delayed until now, but better late than never, we suppose. Speaking to 9to5Google, Google also confirms that not all apps will change their profile based on the system, but some apps such as YouTube will, which will be handy.

Source: 9to5Google

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