Pixel Watch might feature a ton of RAM to make up for older chipset


After years of rumors and speculation, Google finally announced the Pixel Watch at its I/O 2022 event last week. The company did not mention any hardware details (those will probably be shared closer to launch), but according to the rumors, the Pixel Watch is said to be sporting the Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset.

This was disappointing news as the chipset is about four years old. This is a very questionable decision by Google, but it seems that to make up for the aging hardware, a report from 9to5Google claims that Google is expected to stuff more RAM into the device, giving it the most RAM on a Wear OS smartwatch ever.

The report claims that it will be more than the Galaxy Watch 4’s 1.5GB of RAM, but exactly how much is unclear, so maybe more RAM could make up for the use of the older chipset. Another way that Google could be potentially improving on the performance is by introducing a co-processor to the Exynos 9110.

This will help offload some of the tasks of the watch so that not all functions of the watch will be reliant on the Exynos 9110. The report goes on to claim that some other features we can expect include a heart rate sensor with support for SpO2 and ECG measurements. Google is expected to officially launch the Pixel Watch alongside its Pixel 7 smartphones later this year, so presumably the full list of specs and features will be unveiled then.

Source: 9to5Google

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