Apparently Instagram doesn’t want you to post excessive Stories


Instagram Stories are a great way of posting content to your followers that might not necessarily be worthy of being part of your profile. For example, you might be traveling overseas and want to share what’s going on but only want to reserve the good photos for your profile, while everything else goes onto Stories.

This is how a lot of people use Instagram Stories at the moment, but it seems that over in  Brazil, Instagram is testing out a new layout that seems to “punish” users who post too many Stories. This was initially discovered by Brazilian Instagram user (via Tecnoblog), Phil Ricelle, who discovered the new layout.

It seems that in this new UI layout, Instagram will only show followers three Stories while the rest are hidden behind a “Show All” button. We’re not sure if these three Stories are chosen at random, or if they are based on the most engagement, or if they’re based on the latest Stories that the user has posted.

The amount of Stories users can post still seems to be capped at 100, but basically what this means is that 97 will be hidden and only 3 will be shown at a time. We’re not sure what’s the reason behind this change, but it doesn’t really seem like a good thing (or is it?). We should point out that this is currently a test and presumably based on feedback, Instagram may or may not proceed with the changes.

Source: 9to5Mac

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