Top 5 Games For Android In 2022


From Higginbotham’s Tennis For Two in 1958 to Steve Russell’s SpaceWar in 1962, video games have become a vital part of contemporary society. Millions of people spend their pastimes gaming with friends and family. Many people engage in these games as a professional.

Technology has integrated the gaming industry into other markets, such as the gambling industry. Many people now play online casino games to win real money. Although formerly land-based, casinos now have a dominant presence online for gamblers worldwide. They can now access slot machines, poker, blackjack, video poker, keno, and several other games on the internet.

Mobile gaming has been on a fast-paced evolution in the last two decades. Besides operating them on your PC or Xbox, you can also enjoy them on your mobile phones – this is great for flexibility and portability. Mobile games were considered low quality compared to those accessed on computers in the past. However, the mobile entertainment market now boasts quality and thrilling creations, some of which might even compete with those on consoles and PCs.

Top Games For Android Users In 2022

Android users can access entertaining game apps with high-quality graphics, interesting storylines, great coordination, and continuous challenges on the Google store. This article will discuss the best ones to try out in 2022. Some of the best options are:

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Price: FREE

Choosing the best of Androids will be incomplete without the Call of Duty: Mobile. Infinity Ward developed the COD in 2003. It was a success on Xbox and consoles, so its success on mobile devices came as no surprise.

COD: Mobile is a first-person shooter mobile series. It is a war scenario game with a single-player and multiplayer platform for Android users. You pass through competitive, challenging, and exciting levels to move further into the war zone and upgrade your weapons. COD: Mobile has a sneaky monetization strategy mostly based on costumes. You can acquire various customizations such as skins, weapons, and characters.

Like many battle royale mobile adventures, COD: Mobile starts with dropping soldiers into the battlefield while they fight and compete against each other to be the last man standing. The final survivor is the winner. It also has a frame per second (FPS) of 120, which guarantees its fluidity and smoothness on your mobile phone. It is also free to play and can be accessed here.

2. Minecraft

Price: $6.99

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has been a household name for gamers worldwide. Millions of people enjoy the mining adventure it has to offer. According to Statista, the sandbox game, developed by Mojang, boasts 141 million active players globally.

Minecraft gives you a platform to build virtual worlds where you can mine items, build stuff with different kinds of blocks, explore the world you create, and beat bad guys while you are at it. Minecraft has many modes, namely: Hardcore mode, Spectator mode, Adventure mode, and the most popular modes – the creative mode, where every resource is given with an unending supply, and the survival mode, where you have to mine those resources and source for food on their own. Minecraft is a game which requires good strategies, and it can help gamers who play online casino games to excel at them.

While playing, you might encounter a low FPS problem, but it is a relatively great creation. There are in-app purchases for customizations such as skins. Minecraft is available on the Google Store, and you can check it out here.

3. Among Us

Price: FREE

Among Us is a social deduction game developed in 2018 by InnerSloth. While it was released in 2018, it didn’t gain any traction until 2022, when players realized its uniqueness. The popularity of Among Us arrived in 2020, and it is still a fast-selling creation on the internet.

It is a multiplayer game available on Google Play Store. It has a storyline that rests heavily on betrayal, backstabbing, and cooperation. It is based on astronauts working together to fix their spaceships while they have betrayers in their midst, threatening to kill them.

Players are split into two categories, namely, Crewmates and Impostors. The aim is to complete minor tasks on the ships while investigating who could be the impostor. Since you can be any of the two, you will need to sharpen your detective instinct and lying skills for this entertaining experience. The link to download this game is available here.

4. Genshin Impact

Price: FREE

Mihoyo invented the adventure-packed gaming experience in 2020. It boasts high graphics with great content. It also has detailed and well-explained play with many interesting characters to side it up. 

Genshin’s impact has a role-playing component that gives you an avenue to switch between four different characters. These characters possess different skills and weapons which you can utilize during combats and other challenges.

Genshin Impact also allows you to choose a favorable FPS from 30, 60, and 120 options. However, one disadvantage of the game is its greedy monetization strategy which stuffs many in-app purchases and different kinds of sales onto your screen. Genshin Impact is an easy and enjoyable way to entertain yourself. You can get the free-to-play app here on the Google store.

5. Rush Rally Origins

Price: $4.99

Rush Rally Origin is the latest creation of Brownmonster Limited. It’s a spin-off of the popular racing series of the same name. It offers a top-down racing action experience that gives you the thrill and excitement as every great race series should.

It offers excellent graphics, touchscreen control fluidity, and top-notch support. It’s a racing tournament that gives you upgrades as you go further. It boasts updated racing maps and coordinated maneuvers. 

There are also many rewards and different car skins that you can unlock, and you can even play it offline. Rush Rally Origins supports an FPS of 60, and you can easily download it on the Playstore using this link

Final Notes

The gaming industry continues to churn out quality games to keep us entertained. The development and continuous upgrades give these games outstanding quality and an entertaining edge.

It doesn’t matter if you use an Android device, there are still many great options for you to explore. You can download any of the listed gaming apps from the Android Playstore to enjoy top-notch gameplay and have a fun experience.

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