May 9th, 2022

Instagram had previously announced their interest in NFTs and potentially allowing it to exist on its platform, and sure enough that’s what they’re doing. In an announcement by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, it has been revealed that starting this week, Instagram will start testing allowing creators to share their NFTs on its platform.

We should point out that right now in its current iteration, NFTs shared on Instagram are essentially like sharing an image. There will be additional details provided in these posts, like who owns the NFT, for example, but other than that it is basically users sharing images of NFTs that they own.

This means that if you wanted to purchase the NFT you saw listed or if you wanted to sell your NFT, you will need to go through marketplaces like Opensea, for example, instead of being able to buy and sell through Instagram like a regular product. We wouldn’t be surprised if further down the line Instagram might allow for the buying and selling of NFTs, but in this initial test, it’ll be more about showing off your collection.

It will not be available to all Instagram users right now as it is a test, but presumably if all goes well, Instagram should open it up to more users down the road. Whether you love or hate the concept of NFTs, it looks like it will soon start showing up in your Instagram feed.

In a post on Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta CEO also confirmed that similar functionality is also expected to make its way onto Facebook.

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