6 best NFT marketplaces to try in 2022


Non-fungible Tokens aka NFTs have become an internet phenomenon in the last year or so. These are crypto-backed tokens that represent ownership for a particular digital asset. In other words, if you own an NFT of a particular digital asset, it will work as proof of ownership that you are indeed its rightful owner. There are many who believe NFTs are overhyped which is a conversation for some other time.

In this article, we will talk about the best NFT marketplaces that you can try in 2022. These are online platforms required to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.  A number of them even support creating NFTs. We will tell you what each of these has to offer to help you pick the one that suits your needs the best.


OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace and also claims to be the largest one. It offers NFTs across different categories like art, collectibles, domain names, music, photography, and trading cards. This also makes it one of the most diverse marketplaces when it comes to hosting NFTs.

There is support for over 150 cryptocurrencies as payment tokens which make it easier to purchase. It lets you create a free account that can be used for browsing and buying NFTs with ease. If you are an artist looking to sell NFTs, the platform offers an easy-to-follow process for that as well. You can choose to list your work as an auction, fixed-price listing, or decline-price listing.

Nifty Gateway:

Nifty Gateway is backed by Gemini, a well-known crypto exchange. This NFT marketplace is primarily known for listing high-end assets that have sold for millions of dollars. The world’s most expensive NFT, The Merge by Pak, was sold on this platform for a whopping $91.8 million. It keeps collaborating with top artists and brands to create limited-edition collections of NFTs which are exclusive to the platform.

It has two special drop categories called Curated Drops and Verified Drops. The curated ones are those NFTs that the creator is selling directly on the platform and for the first time before they sell out or become available through secondary marketplaces. The verified ones are those which have not been curated by the Nifty team but have been verified to be the seller’s original creation.

It supports debit cards, credit cards, Gemini Balance, and prepaid ETH as modes of payments. It means you can choose to buy NFTs directly using fiat currency.

Axie Marketplace:

Axie Marketplace is dedicated to Axie Infinity, an NFT-based online video game. It features fantasy mythical creatures called Axies that players can raise, trade, and battle with each other to earn rewards. It also has virtual land and other aspects that make the game enjoyable. All these digital assets are sold in NFT form through Axie Marketplace.

This particular NFT marketplace is popular among gamers. All items on the platform can be bought using Axie Infinity tokens aka Axie Shards which are built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows buyers to sell these NFT items through other marketplaces. And yes, it allows users to create their own Axies too. However, the onboard process of the platform is not as straightforward as many others.


Rarible is another NFT marketplace that is very diverse but also attracts a lot of celebrity sellers and buyers along with big brands. It supports Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos blockchains for minting NFTs that can be sold either as single items or as collections. It has its own token called RARI that is needed for making purchases.

It is a community-owned platform where its users get to participate in moderations and vote on platform upgrades. This is done to promote the concept of decentralization.


SuperRare is a platform with a minimal interface that oozes “eliteness”. It focuses primarily on NFTs related to digital art as compared to meme stuff. It offers unique, single-edition digital artworks to ensure that each artwork is indeed super rare.

The platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and uses ETH as the mode of payment. It applies a 3% flat fee to the buyer for each transaction. It takes15% commission from the seller on primary sales and offers a 10% cut as royalty to the seller for each subsequent sale of the artwork. However, it selects only a handful of artists as sellers from all received applications.


Foundation is another NFT marketplace that prioritizes quality over quantity. It also has a minimal-looking website that is easy to browse even for newbies. This is the reason it lists curated and limited edition NFTs and as a result, an average higher value.

It follows an invite-only method for accepting creators. A new creator can only be invited by an existing creator on the platform and each creator has only one invite. It takes a 15% commission on the primary sale and then offers 10% royalty for each subsequent sale. As for buyers, they can buy artworks using Ethereum.

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