Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 could come with a larger cover screen


While the foldable display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series is probably one of its selling points, what we actually really dig about the phone is the outer cover screen that shows us notifications and indications so that we don’t need to open the phone to check it out.

But if you’ve always felt that the screen was a bit too small to be truly useful, then we might have some good news because according to DSCC CEO and analyst Ross Young, he claims that for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4, the phone could feature a larger cover screen that will be bumped from 1.9-inches in its predecessor to possibly over 2-inches.

We’re not sure exactly how much larger it will be, but going from 1.9 to 2-inches doesn’t seem that big of a difference, so hopefully it will be more than 2-inches to make it more noticeable.

The potentially larger cover screen won’t be the only thing that is getting bigger as an earlier report suggested that the phone could actually come with a larger battery too. Other rumors have also indicated a possible lower price tag due to Samsung sourcing batteries from another company, so that might be worth looking forward to as well.

In the meantime, Samsung has confirmed that they will be launching new foldables in the second half of the year, which if we had to guess will most likely take place in August.

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