USB-C cables with 240W Power Delivery break cover


These days, we’re starting to see more phones come with fast charging capabilities, ranging from as low as 20W with some even going above 100W. But in the future, we might be able to look forward to phones that break the 200W barrier.

In fact, a report from Tom’s Hardware has revealed that a Dutch retailer called Club3D has listed several new chargers on its website that can deliver up to 240W of power. This might sound crazy, but it was actually announced back in 2021 by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) when they announced the USB-C 2.1 update.

Image credit – Club3D

With this update and standard, it would allow USB-C cables to support charging speeds of up to 240W which is pretty nuts if you think about it. Now, before you get too excited, keep in mind that there aren’t any gadgets at the moment (to our knowledge) that support 240W charging, but with companies now starting to make these cables,  it is possible that in the future we might be able to expect phones and laptops that could take advantage of it.

This means that in the future, maybe newer and more powerful gaming or creator-focused laptops could support charging over USB-C, but when exactly that will happen remains to be seen.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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