Telegram Premium to come to Android after iOS Beta


Telegram is one of the greatest messaging programs, with new features and enhancements practically every month, yet the majority of these are free. The service may opt to monetise the platform in the near future by offering special features.

The Telegram Beta community has uncovered a new subscription plan in the newest beta version of Telegram for iOS (v8.7.2) (via Android Police). Telegram Premium subscribers will be able to access unique stickers and emoji replies.

What’s in the Premium

The premium plan’s price and if it would contain any extra unique experiences are unknown. There’s no news on when the premium version of the service will be ready.

However, when it is rolled out to everyone, free users may not be able to see the premium stickers in chats. According to Android Police, non-subscribers will instead see a prompt to upgrade to the premium plan.

Free customers may not be able to view the paid stickers in conversations after it is handed out to everyone. Non-subscribers will instead be prompted to upgrade to a premium plan, according to Android Police.

How much will it cost?

Some of these special features are comparable to those given by Discord, such as bespoke and animated emoticons as part of Discord Nitro, a $10 per month subscription service.

It’s worth remembering that Telegram has a revenue stream from its users. Last year, the service began testing sponsored messages on public channels with over 1,000 members. The latest commercialization ought to be a better option than Facebook‘s strategy.

Although the premium plan is initially only accessible on the iOS beta, Android support is on the way!

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