Google to roll out new Security for Google Docs


The tech giant is toughening up Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on the web with warning labels that will alert users to malicious content. Google’s web based services has been a tool of choice of malicious attackers to spread infected files and launch phishing scams.

Google Docs with a sad face on it

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What is the warning?

When you try to view potentially risky documents on the web, the new security feature, which was previously only available in Google Drive, shows
a yellow warning banner at the top of the screen. In a blog post, Google stated that it is “expanding these warnings at the file-level.”

The following is the text on the warning banner: “This file appears to be suspicious. It’s possible that it’ll be utilized to steal your personal information.”

Warning labels have been added to Google’s collaborative tools, which should assist users avoid malicious files masquerading as valid papers. Previously, these productivity apps displayed cautionary flags only when you were ready to access harmful URLs from within Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

According to Google, this function has no administrator control or end-user setting, thus this will be enabled by default. Over the next several weeks, the new warning signs will appear on all Google Workspace subscriptions, as well as historical G Suite Basic and Business subscriptions.

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