Telegram Gets New Notification Customisation Options


In a recent update along with a slew of new features, the messaging software also allows you transform memes into notification noises.

Despite the fact that Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp, the team behind one of the finest messaging applications deserves credit for providing new upgrades on a near-monthly basis. The most recent wave of improvements is now live, giving you significant autonomy over how you interact with Telegram.


Telegram now allows you to customize the sound of your notice by assigning any sound to your message alert. Now you can use your favourite tunes or even memes to create notification tones. A voice message may also be assigned to a single conversation or a group of chats as a tone.

There are, however, certain limits. Telegram claims to only handle audio files and voice communications that are less than 300KB in size and no longer than 5 seconds. These sounds are cross-platform, so you can listen to it on an iPhone even if they were first uploaded to an Android phone.

Image Source: Telegram

The mute feature has also become significantly more handy. Telegram’s most recent upgrade provides you more control over how long you want to mute a conversation. If you don’t want to be distracted during a meeting, you may delay alerts for 30 minutes, or even for two months if you’re on leave.

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