May 2nd, 2022

The latest Android software patch has finally arrived for Google Pixel devices through the May 2022 update, with Pixel phones in several regions finally receiving the new software and security fixes.

As has been the protocol with Google Pixel devices, the latest software update features a number of bug fixes alongside improvements to stability and security, and will be available for all supported Google Pixel smartphones.

The update addresses several issues, which includes fixes for display and launcher problems, as well as improvements for haptic feedback. The previous software update back in April affected a number of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices, with users complaining that haptic feedback felt different after downloading and installing last month’s update.

The new software patch is also designed to fix an issue reported in older Pixel devices, where the display is reported to wake at random times even without user interaction.

Google provides regular monthly updates for its Pixel line of phones, which has been hailed by many as one of the big advantages in owning a Google Pixel handset. To check if your Pixel phone is able to download the May 2022 update, simply head to Settings > System > System Update, and then proceed to download and install.

Source: Google

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