May 2nd, 2022

Similar to video and music formats, there are actually quite a few different formats available when it comes to e-books. Amazon uses their own proprietary format which means that if you ever bought a book outside of Amazon’s ecosystem and wanted to read it on your Kindle, you’d have to find a workaround.

The good news is that it looks like Amazon has finally decided to (sort of) embrace the EPUB format, which for many it is viewed as the default format for e-books and tends to be more widely supported outside of Amazon’s ecosystem. This means that Kindle owners will soon be able to load outside purchases into their tablets much more easily.

This will be done through Amazon’s Send to Kindle feature where the support for EPUB is expected to be available in the later part of 2022 (no specific dates were mentioned). Keep in mind that the Kindle won’t actually load native EPUB files, but rather the Send to Kindle service will take an EPUB file and convert it into a format that the Kindle can read.

The company also announced that late 2022, they will be discontinuing support for sending MOBI files using the Send to Kindle feature.

“Beginning in late 2022, you’ll no longer be able to send MOBI (.AZW, .MOBI) files to your library using Send to Kindle. This change won’t affect any MOBI files already in your Kindle library. MOBI is an older file format and won’t support the newest Kindle features for documents.”

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