Rejoice! Galaxy Watch 4 features unlock for Canada


Frequently, some areas are overlooked when it comes to crucial and cutting-edge features. In this case, Galaxy Watch 4 customers in Canada have had to wait until now to use the smartwatch’s ECG and blood pressure monitoring features. Users in Canada are reporting that their devices now have complete ECG and BP capabilities.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has all of the fundamental functions found in most current smartwatches, with the focus on health and quality of life. To remain on top of your health, one of these functions is the ability to monitor your ECG signals and blood pressure. These capabilities, when used together, may be utilized as preventative measures to monitor your overall cardiovascular health.

Skipping a Beat

While some of these capabilities in the Samsung Health Monitoring app are only available in certain locations, they remain a strong selling point. Until recently, Canada was totally excluded from the function, despite the fact that the list of regions eligible for it was fairly long. Some of these elements, like those in most other places, require official clearance. As a result, with the debut of the Galaxy Watch 4, the ECG monitor and blood pressure features have become nearly worthless.

A recent firmware upgrade (R8xxXXU1FVC8) that was just given out to subscribers in Canada allowed ECG and BP monitoring, according to a report by Sammobile. This update lets users with a Samsung Galaxy mobile running Android 7.0 or above to track these vitals using the Samsung Health Monitor app.

It’s really straightforward to activate these functionalities if you wish to. To set it up, go to your Samsung Health Monitor app on your watch and follow the prompts on screen. You may be requested to download and set up the app after upgrading to the current firmware. So long as your Galaxy Watch 4 is connected to a Galaxy phone, you should be able to do ECG and blood pressure checks.

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