Android’s Nearby Share Might Get a New Feature Soon


Android’s “Nearby Share” was a big deal when it first made its debut, as users of Google’s mobile operating system have long clamored for a file-transfer method to rival Apple’s AirDrop feature on its mobile and desktop devices. Nearby Share’s ability to transfer large files within seconds is certainly handy and convenient, and a recent leak points to new improvements to the feature.

According to a Twitter post from Mishaal Rahman, Nearby Share will likely incorporate a “self-share” mode sometime soon, which will allow users to conveniently share files between devices that they own, provided that both devices are logged into the same Google account. The transfer will no longer require a prompt approval when sharing files, which has been the standard sequence for Nearby Share. Otherwise, files transferred between different users and devices will still require an approval before pushing through.

He added that the new feature hasn’t officially rolled out yet, although it is present in the latest Google Play Services update.

Nearby Share makes file transfers easier and faster, as no additional fiddling with Bluetooth scanning and such is required. The feature automatically turns on the required connectivity options to initiate the transfer, and even large files can be shared within seconds, in comparison to older sharing methods like Bluetooth which usually took longer. Aside from media files and documents, users can even share apps between devices.

Introduced back in 2020, Nearby Share was Google’s own answer to AirDrop, which up until then has been one of the most seamless file-transfer solutions around. In addition to smartphones, Nearby Share is also available for other devices like Chromebooks and tablets. Prior to its introduction, Android users had to resort to third-party apps and services like “SHAREit” and such, although those were usually riddled with ads and spam.

As of the moment, there’s no formal word from Google regarding Self Share, but based on the information above, an official announcement shouldn’t be too far away.

Source: Twitter

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