Google reportedly resorts to higher kickbacks to salespeople to boost Pixel 6 sales


The Google Pixel 6 series was meant to be a killer Pixel phone. It is the first handset made by Google to actually feature a custom chipset, bringing it closer to Apple’s iPhone strategy than before, but as it turns out despite Google’s efforts, the phone isn’t selling very well.

This is according to a Wave7 survey detailed by PCMag in which apparently the phone is doing quite badly in terms of sales at carriers. As a result, apparently Google is resorting to “spiffs” (which are essentially kickbacks) to salespeople to help boost the sales of the phone.

While salespeople getting a commission from products isn’t new and other brands do offer similar incentives, the report claims that Google has increased the amount to “very high” levels.

Keep in mind that this survey is based on salespeople working at carriers, and not customers who might have purchased the phone outright from retailers or Google themselves directly. We also want to point out that during Alphabet’s Q4 2021 earnings call, the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai said that the Pixel 6 had broken the company’s sales record.

It is unclear why the phone might not be doing as well at carriers, but it is possible that maybe all the reports of the bugs Pixel 6 users are facing could have had an impact on the decisions of customers, but hopefully this is something Google is aware of and that the upcoming Pixel 7 will be a more polished product.

Source: PCMag

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