Here’s a look at the LG Rollable and LG V70 that were never meant to be


It’s only been two days since LG called it quits on the smartphone market, but now we’re getting our first real-world glimpse at what was to be the LG Rollable. LG debuted the device at CES 2021, along with stating that it would be coming later this year. As we know now, that’s not meant to be since the division is being shut down in July, after the company was unable to sell off the division to another company.

Saying good-bye to LG smartphones and their spirit of innovation

In a foldable world dominated by Samsung, we’ve seen other companies try their hands at creating something as captivating and unique as the Z Fold 2. Huawei recently launched the Mate X2 foldable, which looks like the Z Fold 3 that we would want, while Xiaomi jumped on the foldable bandwagon with the Mi Mix Fold. LG opted to take a different approach to “foldables” by offering an attachment that clipped onto your LG V or G-series device. Then, we saw the LG Wing which looked more like an awkward boomerang when unfurled.

At CES 2021, LG staked its claim to bringing something truly unique to the smartphone market in the LG Rollable. This was a phone that featured a 21:9 aspect ratio when using it normally, only to roll out into a 16:10 tablet. This provided an increase in screen real estate by 55%, without having to actually “close” the device.

New leaks have revealed the LG Rollable on a table surrounded by some measuring tapes, similar to what we see when a new device goes through the FCC. There’s not much more information to really go off of here, as we can’t see what it looks like when the display is unrolled. But going by these leaks, we can assume that LG was gearing up to launch the Rollable commercially, which lines up with previous rumors about a potential March 2021 launch.

But the leaks didn’t stop there as another leak revealed what the LG V70 would look like, as it was also in development. According to the images, the V70 was set to have a design similar to that of the LG Velvet, with smooth and curved edges melting into the edges on the sides. Again, we don’t know what was to come for the V70, since LG is officially done with smartphones.

Sources: Tron (Twitter) via XDA Developers

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