Good news, unlimited Google Photos storage is coming back…if you’re a T-Mobile customer


Some of you might recall that back in 2021, Google ended the free unlimited storage it offered Google Photos users. The company also stated that future Pixel phones will no longer be given that perk either, but we have some good news because it looks like the offer is back, but there’s a catch.

In an announcement by T-Mobile, it seems that they have collaborated with Google to create a special tier of Google One storage exclusively for the carrier’s customers. With this new tier, users will get 2TB of cloud storage and unlimited Google Photos storage for just $15 a month.

Sure, it won’t be the same as before where unlimited storage was offered to all users for free (assuming they only uploaded files below a certain resolution threshold), but for $15 a month for 2TB of cloud storage and unlimited Google Photos storage is actually not too bad of a deal, especially if you have a lot of photos you want backed up in the cloud.

Also, unlike the previous unlimited offering by Google, this will let users store unlimited photos regardless of resolution, so if you’re a photographer who takes photos at full resolution, this could be pretty useful. This new tier is expected to go live on the 26th of April and you can head on over to T-Mobile’s website if you want more details or to check out the other plans the carrier has to offer.

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