Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4 could continue using a side-mounted fingerprint sensor


In-display fingerprint sensors are supposed to represent an advancement in fingerprint scanning technology. It has allowed several handset makers to create phones without the need for an external sensor placed on the side of the phone, the back of the phone, or on a physical home button.

But apparently that’s something Samsung won’t be so quick to adopt for its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphones. This is according to a report from Business Korea who claims that for the company’s upcoming foldables, Samsung will continue to maintain the side-mounted fingerprint sensor found on the current-gen phones.

Now, Samsung is no stranger to in-display sensors and have used it in other devices like the Galaxy S22 series, so it’s not as if Samsung is opposed to the idea of it, but apparently the company still believes the best possible implementation is a side-mounted sensor, and we agree.

This is because a side-mounted sensor means that the fingerprint sensor can be used regardless if the phone was opened or closed. The report claims that Samsung is working on dual-screen in-display sensors, but it seems that it will most likely make an appearance in 2023’s refresh rather than this year’s models.

More recent rumors of the phones include how the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could feature a brand new single-hinge design and that we could also be seeing an upgrade made to the cameras.

Source: Business Korea

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