Galaxy Z Fold 4 Leaks: Newer Hinge and Camera


Samsung’s foray into foldable devices has been successful, and the company’s push to take foldable Android devices into the mainstream is seemingly unstoppable. With that said, leaks have already come out of the woodwork which points to new hardware developments in the next Galaxy Z Fold phone, specifically its camera hardware and hinge mechanism.

According to an outside source quoted by 9to5Google, the next Samsung Galaxy Fold phone (most likely the Z Fold 4) will come with the same camera hardware found on the current Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship phone. The report says that the S22’s 3x telephoto lens might be used for the rumored foldable.

Meanwhile, another source predicts that Samsung might finally use a newer hinge design for the Z Fold 4. Twitter user @theGalox_ states that a single-hinge design will be used for the next foldable, as opposed to the double-hinge design which was found on the earlier and current Z Fold devices. He adds that the new hinge design will be thinner and lighter and will allow Samsung to cut production costs for its phone.

While Samsung’s folding smartphones are well-known, they’re not the only ones available on the market right now. Competing devices like Microsoft’s Surface Duo, Motorola’s Razr 5G, and Huawei’s Mate Xs also feature folding designs and run on Android, although their hardware styling varies a bit in comparison to Samsung’s offerings.

Samsung currently sells two foldable device variants, which are the the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. The Z Fold devices feature a phone design that unfolds into a larger tablet display, while the Z Flip phones have a design more akin to the folding flip phones of the late 90s and early 2000s. Both devices have proven to be popular following their release, particularly in markets like the United States.

Source: 9to5Google

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