Samsung Galaxy S22 sales reportedly take a hit after throttling scandal


Last month, it was discovered that Samsung was throttling its Galaxy S22 flagship phones.  The company eventually apologized and rolled out an update that would “fix” the problem, but could it be too little too late?

According to a report from the Korea Times, it seems that over in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, sales of the flagship handset have taken a hit following the scandal. Apparently to try and court more customers to purchase the phones, local carriers such as KT and LG Uplus have increased the subsidies somewhat significantly, around $410, to tempt customers into buying it.

While it is unclear exactly how big of a hit in terms of sales Samsung took following the controversy, the company did respond to the report by saying that this was a decision made by both Samsung and their carrier partners, citing a “difficult situation” in the device market for being the reason why.

“The amount of subsidies that will be provided is something that our company and mobile carriers decided together after a consultation. Currently, the device market is generally in a difficult situation, so the subsidies were raised starting on April 1.”

An official of one of the carriers also spoke to the publication on condition of anonymity saying:

“There is demand for devices not only from those who play games, but also from those who do not play games. There has been controversy over the GOS, but there are two high-end smartphone brands ― Samsung’s Galaxy S series and Apple’s iPhone ― so we don’t see a clear sales decline of the Galaxy devices.”

In any case, what do you think? Has your Samsung experience been marred following the throttling controversy, or are you still a believer in the company’s flagship handsets?

Source: Korea Times

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