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This is your reminder outside of the day of trolling that is April Fools day to back up your devices. You’ve probably heard of almost every “special holiday” in existence by now, from National Pizza Day (there are several) to World Emoji Day (July 17). Despite hearing about some of these interesting and unusual events, I’m willing to bet that you were unaware that yesterday was World Backup Day.

What is the point of World Backup Day?

Well, I’m delighted you asked!

World Backup Day was launched in 2011 to remind people of the need of regularly backing up their data. It is held on the day before April Fools Day to remind people how terrible it would be if they lost all of their data at the same time.

For the day that’s in it here is a list of backup articles that you can read from smartphones to laptops and everything in between.

Is there anything here that we haven’t covered that you’d like to know more about? Let us know in the comments down below or through Phandroid on Twitter, we always love hearing from you and adding to our evergreen content!

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