Don’t forget to upload those pictures to Google Photos before the Unlimited Backup is removed


In November of last year, Google confirmed that it would be ending its “unlimited” uploads for Google Photos. This has been a feature ever since the original Pixel was launched, allowing you to upload your pictures at their full resolution, without needing to worry about storage limitations on your Google account.

As of June 1st, the time has arrived for Google to slam the door shut on one of the most useful features to ever arrive on an Android device. After the 1st, you’ll be limited to a free storage limit of 15GB, which is shared with the likes of Google Drive and Gmail. Moving forward, you will still have the ability to upload images at their original quality, but this will count towards the data limit.

Google will continue to offer unlimited image upload for Pixel owners, however, those images will be compressed down to 16MP, meaning that you’ll lose some of the picture quality. Of course, having the ability to backup images even at a lower quality is still a great feature to be had for Pixel owners. But with future Pixel smartphone releases, you won’t even have that luxury, and will be forced to either upload compressed pictures, or be forced into reaching the data limits much faster.

An alternative, outside of using Dropbox or another cloud storage service, is to sign up for Google One. This is a a subscription service offered by Google that expands your storage limits across all of Google’s services, along with providing a few perks from time to time. Pricing for Google One starts at $1.99 per month while providing 100GB of storage. There are also tiers for 200GB, 2TB, and 10TB, but the best bang for your buck is definitely the 200GB tier priced at $2.99, but also gives you 3% cash back on purchases in the Google Store.

So if you have a boatload of images that you haven’t uploaded from other devices or from your traditional camera, now’s the time to upload them to Google Photos without worrying about storage limits.

Source: Droid-Life

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