Mar 31st, 2022

Who remembers the good old early days of the smartphone market where Motorola’s DROID series of Android handsets were some of the more popular options around? This was way before companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus flooded the market with their affordable phones.

Motorola has since kind of taken a backseat to many of those companies and if you were thinking how relevant they are in today’s landscape, it turns out Motorola still has some fight left in them. According to the latest data from research firm Counterpoint, it seems that for the US market, Motorola has managed to claw its way into third place when it comes to best-selling smartphone companies.

In addition, the company has also managed to nab the title of being the second best-selling brand in the budget segment, giving various Chinese Android companies a run for their money. It seems that Motorola might have LG to thank for this, because ever since the South Korean tech giant decided to bow out of the smartphone market, it left a void to fill which Motorola was more than happy to oblige.

In all honesty it doesn’t seem entirely possible that Motorola could end up displacing Samsung and Apple in the US, but third place in a market as huge and important like the US is still a pretty mean feat to accomplish.

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