Mar 31st, 2022

We’re sure that a lot of companies would love to be able to brag that their phones are the most powerful compared to the competition. That can’t always be true, but it seems that it might not have stopped Xiaomi from trying to fudge the numbers to make it look like their phones are performing well.

According to a detailed report from Android Police, it seems that Xiaomi was caught trying to manipulate the Geekbench scores by using modified versions of the benchmarking application. It seems that when the app recognizes apps that are categorized as games or as a benchmarking app, it will boost its performance by throttling the performance of other apps.

While they weren’t able to find out how exactly Xiaomi’s throttling works, the report suggests that the company loaded different profiles based on identifiers like the app’s package names. After it was revealed to Geekbench that some of these numbers might have been fudged, the platform announced that they will be delisting the phones that were affected.

A statement made to Android Police by Geekbench founder and president John Poole:

“It’s disappointing to see another device manufacturer mislead consumers by reducing application performance but not benchmark performance. We are investigating which Xiaomi handsets are affected and expect to start delisting Xiaomi handsets from the Android Benchmark chart later this week.”

Xiaomi is not alone in trying to manipulate the scores. Samsung was recently caught as well, resulting in several of their devices also being delisted. OnePlus was also caught last year, where both the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro were taken down from the benchmarking website.

Source: Android Police

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