T-Mobile has a new $10 plan if you’re looking to save some money


Carriers offer a variety of plans, ranging from affordable prepaids to slightly more expensive postpaid plans that offer features like unlimited calls, text messages, and data. That’s fine if you’re a heavy user constantly on the go, but if you don’t really need that much data or minutes, T-Mobile might have something for you.

The carrier has announced a new Connect by T-Mobile prepaid plan that will be priced as low as $10 a month (plus tax). $10 a month is actually really cheap compared to a lot of offerings out there, but before you get too excited, keep in mind that it is a very basic plan that only offers 1,000 minutes, 1,000 text messages, and 1GB of data.

For those who want a bit more, there are other plans that are priced slightly higher at $15 a month, $25 a month, and $35 a month. These plans will include:

  • $15 per month plus tax for unlimited talk and text, plus 3GB of high-speed smartphone data.
  • $25 per month plus tax for unlimited talk and text, plus 6GB of high-speed smartphone data.
  • $35 per month plus tax, for unlimited talk, text and 12 GB of high-speed smartphone data.

T-Mobile also notes that these plans will benefit from some of their Un-carrier features like Scam Shield protection, free caller ID, and also access to the carrier’s 5G network. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, they will be available this Friday, the 25th of March, either through T-Mobile’s website or from their stores.

Source: T-Mobile

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