Samsung’s dominance of the foldable phones market will make it very hard for anyone else to break in


While it feels like all the foldable phones we’re seeing in the market today come from Samsung, we probably shouldn’t forget that there are other players as well who have stepped into the foldables space. This includes companies like Royole, who interestingly enough was actually the first to launch their foldable phone.

Then there are others such as Huawei who not too long ago launched the Huawei P50 Pocket, and Motorola who revived a classic phone design in the form of the Razr. But it seems that despite the efforts of these companies, Samsung will be a hard one to beat because according to the data from research firm, Omida, Samsung controls a whopping 88% of the foldables market.

To be honest this hardly comes as a surprise. Samsung has been very aggressive in pushing out new foldable phones every year, while the others have largely been silent in their efforts. The report also claims that the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 remains the most popular foldable to date, accounting for 52% of the foldable smartphone market last year, not bad for a phone that was also launched last year.

Samsung’s dominance will make it very hard for other manufacturers to try and steal a larger slice of the pie for themselves, and it will be interesting to see what this could look like in the future, especially with there being rumors that Apple might be looking to dip their toes into the water as well.

Source: SamMobile

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