Could OnePlus bring back the Sandstone finish?


It’s been a couple of months since the OnePlus 10 Pro was announced at CES 2022 for the Chinese market. Just this week, the company confirmed that the global version of the 10 Pro is coming to various markets sometime this month.

But OnePlus is known for offering a few different flavors of its flagship device, so we’ve been wondering what’s going on with the normal OnePlus 10. However, according to a report from TechRadar, OnePlus isn’t even planning on releasing a standard version of the OnePlus 10. Essentially, this means that we’ll only be seeing the OnePlus 10 Pro for the time being.

However, thanks to a new leak from Weibo (via @yabhishekhd), a leaked image shows two backplates from what could be the OnePlus 10T or the OnePlus 10R. On the left, the finish is more of a “mint green”, while the finish on the right looks like OnePlus could bring back the classic Sandstone design.

When the original OnePlus One debuted, the phone was available in a unique finish that was sleek and made the phone easier to hold in your hand. Instead of relying on glass or “glasstic”, the applied texture was just wonderful to use. Unfortunately, OnePlus moved away from offering this as a finish on your phone, but instead, started releasing cases that feature the same Sandstone material.

As for this leaked image, it’s obvious that this isn’t just different versions of the OnePlus 10 Pro, as the camera modules are entirely different. There’s a large cutout at the top of the module, presumably, for the main camera lens. Then, there are a few extra cutouts for additional cameras along with the LED flash.

It’s possible that this could actually be the OnePlus 10R. Back in January, a report from Android Central claims that the OnePlus 10R is slated to launch sometime in Q2 2022. This device will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, so it would make a lot of sense if OnePlus tried to hit you in the nostalgia bone by bringing back the Sandstone finish and pairing it with the new-age Dimensity 9000. Hopefully, this is the case, but we’ll just have to wait and see what’s to come.


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