Android 12 set to come to the LG Velvet sometime in Q1 2022


Last year was the first year that we didn’t see any major smartphone releases from LG, as the company officially announced its exit from the smartphone space. But LG did provide a bit of hope to those who are still using LG phones, such as the Velvet, as the company confirmed it would continue to provide software updates.

There have been a few updates to various devices here and there, but LG Velvet owners can now rejoice as the company has announced plans for the Android 12 update. This one does come as a bit of a surprise, as we weren’t exactly expecting LG to bring major OS updates to its devices, and instead, just focus on releasing security patches. Of course, it’s a bit outdated already as Android 12 was released last year, and Google has already released the first Android 13 Developer Preview.

Nevertheless, according to LG’s support website (via Reddit), the LG Velvet is set to receive the Android 12 update sometime in Q1 2022. Unfortunately, LG didn’t provide any further details as to when we could expect the update to actually drop, but it’s better than nothing.

Along with announcing Android 12 for the Velvet, LG also confirmed that the following devices would be receiving “Google Security Updates”:

  • LG Wing
  • LG Q51
  • LG Q52
  • LG Q61
  • LG Q92 5G

All of these are expected to arrive sometime in Q1 2022, so it’s only a matter of time before LG starts rolling out the updates. Then, it’ll be a matter of waiting for carrier versions to test and push out the software updates to device owners.

We miss LG as much as the next person, and while it’s great to see LG remain committed to software updates for older devices, it definitely might be time to start looking to upgrade your current phone. The Galaxy S22 has officially landed, and the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are also great options. Plus, the Pixel 6A is expected to arrive in the coming months, which could provide an intriguing budget option.


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