Realme to debut “world’s fastest smartphone charging” at MWC 2022


One of the most impressive phone companies to make a splash in 2021 is looking to start 2022 off on the right foot. Realme is widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to providing value in its devices, while also attempting to push the limits where possible. One area where Realme is looking to make a splash is in smartphone charging speeds, and the company’s next major announcement is coming on February 28.

Mobile World Congress 2022 is set to kick off next week, and Realme will be providing its first major announcement. In the teaser image, the company states that it will debut the “world’s fastest smartphone charging technology,” along with a “how fast is the fastest?” tagline.

Until now, the fastest charging speeds that we’ve seen on a Realme phone clock in at 125W thanks to the company’s UltraDart technology. However, that never was actually made available on a consumer phone, leaving Realme fans hoping that would change.

As for Realme’s question regarding “how fast is the fastest”, the current claim holder of that is Infinix which recently introduced a 160W charger, while rumors suggest the Red Magic 7 Pro will approach charging speeds of up to 165W. Xiaomi is the next-closest competitor with its 120W HyperCharge technology found in the Xiaomi 11i which can take your phone from 0-100% in just 15 minutes.

On one hand, it would be pretty incredible for Realme to come out swinging and introduce a phone with 165W charging speeds. But it will also be interesting to see what fail-safes have been put in place in order to keep your phone from overheating when charging that quickly. Plus, we’ll want to see what the rest of the phone looks like, provided that this actually arrives on a phone that you can go out and buy for yourself.


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